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My cousin recently purchased an anti-virus software online called by a company called CyberDefender. She had a couple of problems with it, and complained to customer service via email many times, but to no avail. She removed the program and reformatted her PC, eventually deciding to forget about it and gave up on trying to get her money refunded as well.

After she told me about her horror story with that software, I decided to go online and search for more information about . Surely such a company, with a reputation to uphold, would place more emphasis on customer satisfaction? Perhaps my cousin was just unlucky with it. But to my amazement, a simple Google search for the website brought up a whole host of complaints, ranging from software ineffectiveness to overcharging and wrongful billing.

First off, the reviews on Web of Trust (WOT) were less than favourable. WOT is a community-based, free safe surfing tool for browsers that provides website ratings & reviews to help web users as they search, surf & shop online. This free site collects reviews and opinions from the general online public, and generally posts straightforward, honest reviews. The site gave very poor scores for the site in every category from trustworthiness to reliability. There were also many negative comments, mainly about the company phishing and scamming consumers.

Secondly, there were a ton of negative reviews by upset individuals on blogs and software/technical forums. One Allen Harkleroad even received a letter from CyberDefender’s legal firm, threatening action against him if he continued making defamatory claims against the company’s products. But from what I can see, all he posted were all fairly standard complaints that others had also made previously to the company, which were duly ignored. Perhaps Mr. Harkelroad was only targeted because his sites and posts had a larger audience

Thirdly, the company behind, called CyberDefender, is also the same company behind other (now defunct) anti-virus/malware programs such as SpyBlocs and also

These programs are based on the same concept as, and is advertised in the same way as well. The question then pops up, why would a company create and market so many different kinds of software, which pretty much works in the same way? The only logical answer is that too many complaints forced the previous softwares out of the market, and it was recreated to fool unwary consumers.